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We are launching through Indiegogo in February and accepting orders until early March. We anticipate shipments being sent out mid to late May. Check the Indiegogo for latest updates. 

The chiller is designed to cool the 150 gallon inflatable tub and standard bathtubs. Even the largest bathtubs can’t hold more than 100 gallons, and most hold just 60 gallons. This being said cooling speed will vary based on air temperature, tub size, humidity, initial water temperature etc. If you are making your own tub, insulation is key. With appropriate insulation you can make it as large as your heart desires, although we wouldn’t recommend going over 200 gallons. 

Yes, even those of you who get asked “How’s the weather up there?” will fit just fine in the inflatable tub. 

The chiller draws approximately 6 amps at 110V. 

The tub weighs 22lbs.

The chilling time depends on several variables, including the initial water temperature, ambient temperature, water volume, humidity, and the type of tub used. Despite these factors, the chiller efficiently cools the water to the mid-40s Fahrenheit within two hours. However, reaching the optimal temperature of 37°F may require additional time, especially in warmer conditions.

The chiller is suitable for outdoor use provided the temperature remains above freezing. While the flowing water may delay freezing, if it does freeze, it could damage the water pump and invalidate the warranty.

The Adaptor, Chiller, and Tub come with a comprehensive one-year warranty covering all malfunctions during normal use.

We accept returns for 1 month.

We do! Unfortunately these are oversized items and have hefty international shipping fees. We plan to eventually establish additional distribution centers to help mitigate these costs. Check Indiegogo for the latest prices.