From Tubs to Ice Baths

Our Adaptable Cold Plunge Solutions for Every Space

Chiller + Adapter

Great for any space with a tub
$ 1795
UV Sanitation
20 Micron Filtration
3/4 Horsepower Chiller
Use With Any Tub

Chiller + Tub

Great for outdoor and indoor use
$ 1995
UV Sanitation
20 Micron Filtration
3/4 Horsepower Chiller
Inflatable Tub

The Chiller

The Adapter

The Tub

1 Year Warranty

30 Day Returns

Free Shipping

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What Makes AZ Different

Versatile System

The first plug and play ice bath adaptor.
Great in the bathroom, or the backyard.
For the 500sqft apartment or the 500sqft patio.
For the DIYers. For the YDIers.
We got you covered.

Affordable High Quality

Overbuilt to last.
The chiller is built from tried and true components.
High efficiency heat exchangers, robust compressor and pump, and simple yet reliable controls.
Expected lifetime of the chiller is 15 years.
The tub is built to withstand rocks, sand, drops and hits.
Completely unnecessary. We know.

Make a Difference

By investing in this product, you are not only prioritizing your physical health through the therapeutic benefits of cold immersion but also actively participating in a larger mission—supporting addiction recovery initiatives. Every purchase becomes a meaningful step towards helping individuals overcome the challenges of addiction, providing them with resources and support needed for rehabilitation.