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The Adapter

Our first of its kind adapter seamlessly turns your standard bathtub into a premium ice bath.

 The universal design ensures compatibility with a variety of tub shapes and sizes, making it easy to integrate into your lifestyle. 

Purchasing Options

Ships in June

The adapter can be purchased along with the chiller.

  • AZ Adaptor
  • Hand diaphragm pump for priming
  • Tubing for priming
  • 3/8in barb fitting for priming
  • 3/4in barb fittings to connect to chiller tubing

We’ve started production with units shipping in June!

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01/ Quick Simple Set Up

Effortlessly connect your ice bath chiller to any tub without the need for complex tools. Just attach the adapter to your preferred tub, and you’re ready to experience the benefits of therapeutic cold immersion. It’s that easy!

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02/Visually Appealing

Crafted with both aesthetics and functionality in mind, our tub adapter not only delivers the therapeutic benefits of cold immersion but also adds a touch of elegance to your wellness routine.

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03/Accessories Surface

 The surface of our tub adapter is not just a support; it’s a versatile platform for your essentials. Safely place your phone, timer, or any other accessories right where you need them, ensuring you have everything at your fingertips during your recovery session.

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04/Versatile Fit

Designed with adaptability in mind, our tub adapter ensures compatibility with a wide range of tub sizes and shapes. The adjustable features and secure clamping mechanism make it a seamless addition to any setup.



Filtration System

20 Micron Filter to Clear Skin, Hair, and Debris

Tub Compatibility

Under 7 Inch Rim


UV to Kill Bacteria and Viruses




Highly dependent on use. We recommend waiting no more than 2 months before changing water and 2 weeks to clean filter. 


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